Warehouse robots. Self-driving trucks. Autonomous farm tractors. Robotic surgeons. You name it, automation is transforming most industries and touching almost every part of our daily lives. When machines take on repetitive and mundane tasks, we at Auxon believe that people are freed to innovate and create.

However, these capabilities come at the cost of incredible system complexity below the surface. Hundreds of components and millions of lines of code must all work together flawlessly, every time, in every situation. And, unfortunately, in "cyber-physical systems”, things do go wrong and often at the worst possible moments. Whether it's a single bug or a set of design issues, any system problem can delay development by weeks and months or, worse, cause harm to people and property in the real world. This unpredictability slows down progress and shakes our trust in automation.

We believe that complexity should not be a barrier to innovation, so we build the tools that software engineers and innovators need to navigate, understand, and address the risks inherent in these complex systems.

At Auxon, our mission is to enable a world of automation that we can all depend on.